Thank you all

I wanted to thank all of you who gave such great moral support. Smokey passed in May, but the cause still lives on. This non profit could really use some support so they can help others the way they helped me with Smokey chemo. Thanks to them, I was given…Read More

Smokey 5/20/03 5/16/09

Smokey took the next step in her journey last nite. She passed quietly and with much dignity and grace. She will be missed by our pack. Thankyou all for your support. Please keep on getting members. Ken

Smokey Update

Well, so far so good. The chemo and the prednisone seem to be keeping the cancer abated at the moment. We have gone in twice so far for chemo treatment, 3 weeks between each visit. Her Drs. say she's looking good. Thanks for all you thoughts. The bills are…Read More

Smokeys Update

Just when you think things won't get better, they sometimes do. We went to UT last week and Smokey got a dose of chemo and is on prednisone for inflammation. We went back yesterday, after one week, and Smokeys lymph nodes are 50% smaller than last week, her…Read More

Smokeys UT appt.

We went back to UT today. This is where Smokey got her chemo last year. After an exam and bloodwork, the Dr. presented me with the option of a stronger steroid than prednisone, which would work for about 3 weeks, or try another round of chemo. I opted for the…Read More

Y'all rock

!4 members in less than 30 hrs. Thanks everybody. Keep on going. Peace


Thanks to you who joined. I know most of my friends are cash strapped like me and I'm not asking you for money. Just pass the cause along and maybe something will happen for this nonprofit group. They really helped me over the past year financially, with…Read More
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