Increase awareness of depression and suicide, and hopefully by doing so reduce the stigma that people with mental illness face.

1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year.

4,700 people commit suicide in England and Wales each year (thats around 12 every day)

At least 10 times that number attempt suicide each year.

By raising awareness of mental illness we should be able to hopefully reduce the stigma attached to it.

Hopefully by doing this people will not be ashamed to ask for HELP when they are suffering from mental illness and will not choose suicide as a way out.

It can also help to reduce discrimination of people with mental illness e.g. in the workplace.

A survey carried out by rethink in 2004 showed that:

57% of respondants had concealed their psychiatric history for fear of loosing their job.

43% said they felt 'encouraged to leave' or not return to work after being absent due to mental health.

20% said they had been denied promotion as a
direct result of their mental health.

Finally, in 2005 a survey showed 70% of people had experienced discrimination in response to their own mental distress or in response to that of a relative or friend.

things HAVE to change

1. To reduce the stigma attached to mental illness

2. To improve services and help for people suffering from mental illness

3. To improve support for the family and friends of people who have committed suicide