2009 Holiday Cards

Hello Friends! I hope everyone is enjoying this year's Holiday Season. It sure did sneak up on me fast! I just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone that submitted a picture of their TTTS Survivor(s) to be featured on this year's Holiday Cards. I just be in…Read More

Holiday Cards

Hello Friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday season so far. I just wanted to remind everyone that I need pictures of your TTTS survivor(s) to display on this year's Holiday cards. I previously asked that they be send in by December 1st but no one…Read More

Hate Groups Geared Toward Angel Parents

Dear Friends, It has came to my attention in the past few weeks that there are hate groups forming that are geared toward parents that have suffered a loss of an infant. These groups are searching your profiles and taking the pictures of your infant Angels…Read More

October 8, 2009 Newsletter

Friends, So a quick FYI, I am currently a full time student seeking my degree in Business Management. Which is exciting! I hope that it'll help me achieve many of my goals. The Business Management Program Coordinator and Instructor wants to take a peek at…Read More

Mailing List / Holiday Cards Reminder

Please everyone do not forget to update or send in your information to receive Holiday Cards this year. You may receive a Holiday Card even if you are not a TTTS parent. Please click on the link below to send in your information. CLICK HERE…Read More

Please Update Information!

So WOW! 569 members! I'm so thrilled and overjoyed! Thank you to all that recruit! I just wanted to ask one thing from you all. I would like everyone to update their information so that they will not miss out on holiday cards this year. Visit…Read More

Warrior Art Gallery

I just added the first drawing in the new "Warrior Art Gallery" page of the website. It is for TTTS survivors to draw whatever they want and if they are too young than an older sibling can submit an drawing for them. My Son, Matthew, drew a picture of our…Read More
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