100 % Renewables and 4-Factor efficiency by 2030/50

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WHO IS INFORSE? * INFORSE, International Network for Sustainable Energy, is an NGO environmental network established in 1992 at the Global Forum parallel to the Earth Summit (UNCED). INFORSE has UN observer NGO status at UNFCCC and ECOSOC. INFORSE participated at UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan and at COP 15 in Copenhagen etc.. INFORSE has 145 NGO members from all over the world.

INFORSE-Europe is also active to review and lobby the EU energy policy. One of the hottest issues is the Ecodesign Directive to standardise equipments energy use. Read more on EU Policy: http://www.inforse.org/europe/eupolicy.htm

INFORSE-Europe's 100% Scenarios: http://www.inforse.org/europe/Vision2050.htm

Other Scenarios: http://www.lowcarbon-societies.eu/index.php?id=24

1. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

2. Better Environment, Stop Climate Change & Reduce Poverty

3. The Cause was Created by INFORSE: http://www.inforse.org

4. Read more on Vision 2050: http://www.inforse.org/europe/Vision2050.htm

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