Victory for the Ghurkas

Quoted on the North East news tonight by a former Ghurka "He can grow old with dignity" this is all they ever wanted to live in this country with Dignity.

Beware BNP policy

BNP have intrduced a manifesto to not allow the Ghurkas to stay in Britain if they get in.We can't allow that to happen!

Get behind the Ghurkas

The Ghurkas still need our support until the government keep their word we can't forget their cause.

Victory for the Ghurkas

The ITV news tonight government does a u-turn allowing the Ghurkas to live in Britain. Thankyou for everyone who have shown their support, hopefully this time the Government will keep their word.

Ghurkas need our support more than ever

ITV news tonight government have issued new guidelines for Ghurkas to live in Britain.Sadly this isn't enough they have supported the British for 200 years now they need our support more than ever.
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