Donna McDermid Twitter Site

We have set up a twitter site for the Donna McDermid Memorial Fund @donnamcdermid

Just a Reminder

Sarah McDermid just posted a video to your cause, The Donna McDermid Memorial Fund ( Hi All, Many of you have already seen this video. I am just sending it out as a reminder as the first anniversary of the…Read More

The New Donna McDermid Memorial Fund website.

The New Donna McDermid Memorial Fund website has now been uploaded, check it out and get motivated to help us to take positive steps to address gender injustice and sexual abuse in the developing world.


The winner of the beautiful Tuscan landscape painting was a Miss S Hacon from the Sunshine Coast. Thank you to all who supported the cause by buying tickets! And thank you for joining the cause, its great to see the numbers go up every day! Exciting things to…Read More

Donations to the Donna McDermid Memorial Fund

Can be sent via the ARMS secure site just select Donna McDermid Fund for one of the projects menus.

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