To assist the victims of Gender Injustice and Sexual Abuse in the Developing World.

Donna McDermid was a former missionary to India and Australia and a great supporter of the work of ARMS. Donna was an inspirational leader who had a life-long passion to see the status of women improved in the Developing World. Sadly in February 2008, Donna died after a long illness.

The ARMS Board has decided to set up a specialized fund to improve the satus of women and help the victims of sexual abuse in the Developing World. The Fund has been named after Donna in memory of her passion to see justice for the oppressed and neglected.

Because the Donna McDermid Memorial Fund it is a perpetual fund the money you donate will be used again and again and again to improve the plight of women and help the victims of sexual abuse in poor communities within the Developing World.

Donations to the Donna McDermid Memorial Fund can be made through the ARMS website www.arms.org.au or the fund website www.donnamcdermid.org


1. That women are valuable in God's sight and need to be treated with dignity and respect.

2. That no woman should be trafficked, forced into prositution or treated as a slave.

3. That issues such as FGM, bride burning, child brides and sexual abuse need to be addressed in the immediate and not treated as a lower priority.

4. That women should not be deprived of educational opportunities.

5. That women's health services should be made available to all women despite their economic circumstances.