We need to show our strength in numbers!

Once again your valued support is to be called upon. I will be posting a few links here to save a long winded explanation and ask you to please read and sign the…Read More

We are now 9,373 STRONG!

To all "Save our Wild Salmon!" members First of all THANK YOU for joining! WE are now 72 members strong!!!! I have noticed there seems to be a miscommunication as to why this "cause" was started.This is not "just another facebook cause"that most people join…Read More

9,000 STRONG! PLEASE!!!! be sure to sign if you are a member!

Hello Tomorrow our Letter will be tabled in the BC Legislature. I will continue to collect signatures, but this is our debut on the political scale. I have everyone’s name posted at: www.adopt-a-fry.org THE PETITION at the bottom of the page, click on the…Read More

To sign the petition click on the following link

letter to the Minister and Premier

Dear Honourable Minster Shea, and Premier Campbell: Four Thousand, six hundred and seventeen (4.617) people have signed the letter attached to this email. The rate of signatures is accelerating and already this number of out of date as more people have…Read More
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