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Support our soldiers Christmas 2008 campaign.

Some of you may have heard that the MOD are complaining about being swamped with parcels this year and it is delaying essential supplies like ammunition.

There has been some discussion between the MOD and SOS and a limit of 12000 parcels has been sent.

Don't let that put you off, you can still help!

I got this message from Rebecca who is the York area coordinator

"We have been allocated 12,000 parcels which have been evenly distributed between the Area Co-ordinators. Anyone wishing to make a parcel will need to contact their local A/C, they can also donate via the justgiving page and all money rasied on there will go to making up parcels
I think the issue this year is quality opposed to quantity!
Nothing will ever be wasted so if we do end up with surplus stock it can be used after Xmas as we do send parcels out year round.
Also this year we are donating £1 from every parcel to Blesma which means they will get a substanial donation from us so not only are they helping troops at Christmas people will be helping long term as well.
I hope that helps?
If you know of anyone in the York area wanting to make up parcels we have been allocated 100 so pass them my way! :-)
[email protected]"

The justgving link will be added when I find it.



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