TC Reminder

Hello, This is a reminder that there is a TC meeting tonight @7 in the Council chambers at the Town Hall. Please make every effort to attend. Thanks! SEE


Hello! This is a reminder that there is a BOE meeting tonight (4/28) @7:30 in the Town Council Chambers at the Town Hall. Please make every effort to attend - they are continuing discussion on closing a school. Thanks! SEE

Last Night's Meeting

Thanks to all who attended the meeting last night. There was an interesting turn of events. Also, there was no mention of a school closing although we should not assume we are in the clear. PLEASE take a look at the suggested cuts from Dr. Gallacher. If these…Read More

Tuesday, April 14th

This is a friendly reminder that we have a BOE meeting tonight, 4/14 @ 7:30 @ the Town Hall. Please try to attend! Hope to see you there!

Interesting Meeting

Thank's to all of the parent's who were able to attend the meeting last night. I give the parent's a lot of credit for speaking. There were MANY interesting thoughts. It was evident that the speakers did a lot of research and put a lot of thoughts into this.…Read More


The special BOE meeting has been canceled. There is going to be a combined conversation with the Town Council & the BOE! Let's keep up the good work. If we can get the same 500+ we can really make a difference. We should be proud of all of our hard work…Read More


Hi All! Tomorrow is the SPECIAL BOE meeting regarding the closing of a school. The meeting is at 7pm at JFK. Remember to wear RED! A point I would like to make is although I am a Stowe parent - I am AGAINST closing any school. All the schools contribute…Read More
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