Join the DCAF Fan Page!

Hi friends, Thank you for being such a loyal supporter of DCAF's cause page. We update our fan page more and you can find out more news and events that are happening by becoming a fan. You can also follow and talk to us…Read More

Why Women Stand to Gain the Most from Healthcare reform

Hello DCAFers, Check out this article written by DCAF Board member Jessica Arons published today. She writes, "And then there’s the pesky matter of abortion. From the media coverage... you would think this is the only “women’s issue” in health care reform.…Read More

Why should still care about minor's rights?

Dear friend, Today on RHRealityCheck, DCAF Board member Diana Philip posted a blog. She writes, "Proponents of parental involvement statutes claim that minors need to be protected from any possible harm that might come from the abortion decision through…Read More

DCAF on DC Medicaid - Front Cover blog on RHRealityCheck

Hi there, Today's cover blog features DCAF board member, Elisabeth Sowecke. She discusses the real impact Medicaid funding for abortions will have on the low-income women we serve everyday and what the government must do to make this policy change…Read More

ACCESS concert, a benefit for the DC Abortion Fund and WACDTF

DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) loves music and art benefits. Please come out and show your love and support for DCAF and Washington's dedicated clinic defenders. All cash proceeds benefit the DC Abortion Fund and allow us to help more women access abortion…Read More

DCAF featured guest on RH Realty Check

DCAF president & NARAL president team up to share "The Choice Related Story You Haven't Heard Yet" Excerpt: As the D.C. Abortion Fund can attest, this ban's [preventing federal funding for abortions] effect on women is devastating. Women have had to sell…Read More

Come early and thirsty! Happy hour fundraiser for DCAF this Thursday!

Please join the DCAF for a happy hour and rally your celebratory friends because $1 from every drink you purchase during Madam's Organ's happy hour will promote reproductive justice by directly assisting local women who wish to obtain basic health care. This…Read More
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