Tell Congress to Keep Fighting for Children's Healthcare

Unless Congress passes SCHIP, 10 million children will lose their health coverage. The SCHIP expansion bill would reach out to the growing number of uninsured children in this country and make sure they get access to the healthy start they deserve. The…Read More

Help prevent the unnecesary slaughter of wolves in Alaska.

Over the past four years, Alaska's aerial hunting program has claimed the lives of nearly 700 hundred wolves. State-permitted aerial hunters and pilots are preparing to take to the skies again, and we need your help to stop them. Sign our petition to send a…Read More

Save the Lives of Cats and Dogs: Support Non-Surgical Sterilization

Imagine being able to sterilize your dog or cat without surgery or anesthesia, but with a simple injection. While a sterilization injection is not available yet, it will be. WHEN is a matter of how much the public pressures pharmaceutical companies,…Read More

Give Artists a say in the Burning Man yearly theme!

If Burning Man is truly a participant sponsored, participant created event then why not allow its participants to vote for and choose the event art theme each year? The Burning Man Project can suggest a few theme choices and then burners can vote for their…Read More

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