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SENT OUT the invite for this Saturday


Please send out the below invite to all your friends and contacts in SF. Feel free to modify it as much as you want. Just get people to show up on Saturday.

PLEASE FORWARD the below invite to everyone you know in SF.

Tired of all the panic? Climate change, economic implosion, rising unemployment, endless war ... The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. It's time to wake up.

The old dream is dead. Now what?

This Saturday, join your fellow blessed radicals in a mini-celebration of panic-cum-new-dream. Turn off the TV, get outside, and celebrate with other San Franciscans who are ready to make a change.

WHEN: Saturday 4/4, 11:50AM

WHERE: Justin Herman Plaza in front of the Ferry Building

WHY: to get over the panic and start raising awareness of the New Dream movement

HOW: where a green shirt, show up no later than 11:50AM, find the New Dream Now crowd, when the Ferry Building clock strikes 12, drop dead and get ready to awake to a new dream. Upload your video and photos of the event all over the Internet and tag them "new dream now".

AFTER: (BONUS!) shop at the farmers market in front of the Ferry Building and pick up some local, organic produce. Visit and stay tuned.

What does society look like in 10 years? 5 years? 1 year?

STOP the panic.
The OLD dream is dead.
Time for a NEW DREAM NOW.

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