How to get to new Ventura Park Concerts page

Earlier today, I sent you a message to let you know that I have created a facebook page for the Ventura Park Concerts -- which will replace this page sometime soon. I later learned that I had created the wrong kind of page -- and had to create another.…Read More

The Cause "Support the Concerts in Ventura Park" is being converted to a Community Page

I've created a new Community Page for these neighborhood concerts. Updates about the concert dates, musical groups, etc will be posted on the new page from now on -- and this page will be deleted soon. From your Facebook page, just search on Ventura Park…Read More

We Did It!

We will definitely be able to schedule THREE concerts at Ventura Park in August! We have a little more fundraising to do between now and June 1st, but the Hazelwood Neighborhood Assn board has guaranteed to cover the gap if we aren't able to raise the last…Read More

Progress Report - Fundraising for 2010

Fundraising has been slow this year, but we finally raised enough (less than two weeks ago) to assure we can have at least two concerts in August 2010. Yesterday (April 9th), I sent out a "Last Call for 2010 pledges" to several individuals/companies that had…Read More

Concert Update

I FINALLY figured out how to change the name so it doesn't say 2009! The Committee is working on fund-raising for the 2010 concerts. We have some carry-over funds from 2009 so are hopeful we can raise enough money for THREE concerts this year. If you know a…Read More

Concert dates & muscians confirmed

The 2009 Concerts at Ventura Park will be on the last two Wednesday evenings in August: Wed Aug 19 - Krebsic Orchestar (gypsy brass explosion) Wed Aug 26 - Po' Girl (urban folk)


The planning committed has raised the money we need to hold two concerts at Ventura Park this summer. They will be on Thursdays, August 13 and August 20, starting at 6 pm.
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