Show your Support for our Constitution!

Welcome to round two of the Nationwide Tea Party demonstrations - and the first for ever for Lowell!

Just bring yourself, a costume, signs, props, and energy to express your outrage and disgust in response to the passsge of TARP, the stimulus bill, and the bailouts!

Even of you can't make it to the actual event you can still hold a sign in your town, call your elected representatives, and help create visibility for this event by calling talk radio and contacting the press.

You may also feel free to come for anywhere from five minutes to the entire rally! We realize that this is a work day for many people, so come when you can!

If you need ideas for signs, we'll have pictures posted from prior demonstrations as well as discussions about good slogans below on our event wall. Please feel free to share your ideas!

We chose the time frame to provide us with the most visibility - and there is also a chance that a few well known local media personalities will be able to attendi at that time - but more information on that when it is confirmed.

For more information, please contact Sandi [email protected]

1. Media Outreach Leader: open

2. Press Releases Leader: open

3. Event Speakers Team Leader: open

4. Signs Leader : open

5. Sound and Music Leader : open