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The Legislative Budget Conference Committee is scheduled to vote on the CSU budget this Thursday, June 4 and your calls and faxes are needed to protect vital CSU funding.

It is of the utmost importance that CSU faculty, staff, students and concerned citizens contact their legislative leaders TODAY! Decisions are being made right now that could have disastrous long term impact on the CSU.

Under consideration are massive cuts to the CSU, including the elimination of outreach programs and Cal Grants, which would have devastating consequences for a generation of college students and their families as well as the state’s economic recovery.

The Alliance for the CSU believes any state budget solution must include revenue increases along with the elimination of billions of dollars of state tax breaks provided to corporations – not just cuts to vital public services like higher education.

Send a message to legislative leaders today to let them know a budget deal cannot be reached through cuts alone.


Please take the following steps Today to protect CSU funding.

1) Send an email online to legislative leaders and the Chairs of the Budget Committees. This can be done through just a few clicks at:

2) Make a phone call to members of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, their numbers and more information on how to make a call can be found at:

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