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Justice for Mike B. Benefit concert @ Szene Wien June 4th

Hello everyone, I've created an event page for the concert. All members from Vienna please invite any of your friends who also live in Vienna, let's spread this across facebook! event…Read More

Email addresses for Major Newspapers in the states plus text to send

Please send this text to the following email list, once a day if possible! Subject: Obama in Vienna Political Cartoon about the state of racism in…Read More

First lineup announcement for "Justice for Mike B." Benefit

Justice for Mike B. benefit concert June 4th Szene Wien 5 bands, 5 genres, fun for everyone All proceeds from ticket sales will go to help Mike with his lawyer fees, any funds left over will be donated to an as yet to be determined organisation fighting…Read More

Event to raise money for Mike's lawyer fees

19.30 Uhr / Eintritt frei! amerikanisches Buffet und DJ Jungfinne mit Saxofonist M. Galebiowski und Verlosung Die Grünen Wien starten eine Solidaritäts-Aktion für den Sportlehrer Mike B. Er war in der Wiener U-Bahn im Zuge einer Verwechslung von…Read More
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