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Wow ....over 7500 supporter. Thank you to everyone

Nearly 1000 members

thank you to all of you that have shown your support of the cause. Keep spreading the word by inviting all of those on your friend's list. It need to be known by everyone how much the HSE are failing the children of our country. Dont forget to say hello and…Read More

Wow....0ver 50 extra members in 24 hours!!

Thank you all for showing your support. Remember this cause is to highlight the disgraceful waiting list in Ireland provided by the HSE I was speaking to a mother only yesterday who has a 4 year old child and an awful dilemma. We all look forward to sending…Read More

Would really appreciate if you checked this out

Firstly thank you all for showing your support. Dont forget to keep recruiting you friends and make everyone more aware when you have a moment, I would really appreciate it if you all clicked onto For all you…Read More

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A massive thanks

Thank you so much for showing your support. Dont forget to invite all of your friends. There are so many children out there that are not getting the resources and services that they are entitled to from the HSE. Early intervention is the key!!!!

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