Who are the Christian militia 'Hutaree' and why was the FBI targeting them?

This weekend, the FBI conducted a series of raids in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana to detain members of a Christian militia group on criminal charges. So what does this group believe, and how do its members fit in with the larger radical right? The group in…Read More


Sir: What do you know that we do not know? What do you understand that is not in us? ( Job 15:9 KJV). These were the words of the empty wise men, Eliphaz and Temanite to Job in the Bible. I’m quite sure that the story of Job wont interest readers. Personally…Read More

Obama praises NATO allies on Afghanistan

STRASBOURG, France – President Barack Obama heralded "concrete commitments" from NATO allies to help advance America's strategy in Afghanistan on Saturday, calling their agreement to send up to 5,000 more military trainers and police "a strong down payment"…Read More

Saudi government cracks down on Shiite dissidents

AWWAMIYA, Saudi Arabia – A cleric's threat of secession has brought a swift government crackdown in this poor, radical Shiite town in Saudi Arabia's increasingly restive religious minority heartland atop the Sunni kingdom's main oil reserves. Cleric Sheik…Read More


LONDON – Stepping onto the world stage for the first time in his two-month presidency, Barack Obama is holding face-to-face talks with the leaders of the two nations — Russia and China — most aggressively challenging the U.S. position atop the global…Read More

Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century

Nuclear weapons have been a focus of FAS work since its founding in 1945 by scientists concerned about control of the awesome new technology they had helped create. Today we are often asked to speak on the dangers of radiological weapons known as dirty…Read More
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