Engage, Donate and Nominate for abused children - A CFH Initiative

Hello good people. Your support of this cause is awesome and overwhelming. We cannot do this without you. Thank you!. In 2007 we launched the Children Unite Against Child Abuse cause. In 2008 we bring you our fundraising campaign for abused children. Please…Read More

Celebrities For Humanity Launches Fundraising Initiative for Child Abuse

Hello Good People Thank you for your support of this cause. I am pleasantly surprised to see how huge this has grown into!! In 2007 we brought you the Children Unite Against Child Abuse Campaign. We now introduce our Fundraising initiative "Angels of…Read More

Invitation to Event

Hello good people. A warm welcome to all new members and officers of the cause Tracy Lee Brown and Mel Green. Thank you for your support everyone! It’s awesome to see our cause growing steadily each day. Ultimately, through this medium, you are representing…Read More

Invite 1 friend to support this cause today

Your support is noted and appreciated. Regards Sharm

Invite 1 (one) friend to join this cause Today

Hello good people. Wow 404 members and growing! A warm welcome to all new members. Thank you for your support!. I urge you to help make a difference by inviting just 1 (one) friend to join this cause. Lets increase the members of this cause to 808 by Friday.…Read More

Celebrities For Humanity Foundation Wins Drawing Competition in Belgium

Hello Friends In two days the 16 Days of Activism Campaign will kick off and we (CFHF) are proud to be a contributor. 15 year old Dewald Prins from Nigel won the international drawing competition "Children Unite Against Child Abuse, in a tie with France, last…Read More
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