I hope this update on my story will give you hope ;)

I have a while I don't post any updates here and I apologize. I was battling infertility for so long I lost interest and desires to do do anything. Well dear friends, after 5 years battling secondary infertility due to PCOS I was diagnosed with more things…Read More

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

Despitel the roller coaster PCOS causes both physically and emotionally I pray that all of us who are fighting get that very precious thing we deserve... a child. I have been fighting since 1999, had one Clomid miracle in 2004 and ever since I have lost 5…Read More

I also made a page for this cause in myspace for myspace users...

Did you know PCOS causes recurrent miscarriages?

I just Lost my 3rd angel baby on 9/11/08 and fetal tissue analysis results came back normal..meaning it was hormonal and all arrows point to PCOS.. PCOS has taken 3 babies from me.. I'm seeing a specialist in late November 2008 in hopes this ends…Read More


Just wanted to send my best wishes for all of you who joined this cause... I am currently on fertility drugs hoping I make an eggie and conceive. 2008 Miracle here we go!!! Best of luck for all of you trying to conceive with PCOS! Ruth
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