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I hope this update on my story will give you hope ;)

I have a while I don't post any updates here and I apologize. I was battling infertility for so long I lost interest and desires to do do anything.
Well dear friends, after 5 years battling secondary infertility due to PCOS I was diagnosed with more things that contributed to my multiple pregnancy losses and infertility. I was diagnosed ( apart from the PCOS) with Factor V. Lieden and MTHFR mutation ( homozygous). It was devastating news. Not only would I have trouble conceiving but if I ever did, I would miscarry due to my blood clotting disorder.

After many tears, we decided to seek professional help. This year alone was one heck of an emotional roller coaster! We sought help through an infertility clinic to only have not one but 2 failed IUI's with injectables. We thought "if this didn't work, our chances are lower than zero. IVF is out of the question for us its too expensive".

I just couldn't handle it anymore. I literally threw the towel and just set my heart that my little clomid miracle son was going to be my only child. I felt grateful I at least had one child. Seeing a pregnant woman on the street or a woman holding an infant was an inevitable breakdown for me. It was so painful to see everywhere around you women with that precious gift your heart aches for.

We saw January pass by, February, March.. all the months passing by and nothing but tears and heartache. I decided to change Drs. I wanted to give it one last try, just one more try and if it didn't work I would leave TTC forever.

In the middle of June I went to a new Dr and decided to go back to the basics. I went once more on Clomid with Metformin and aspirin. This was our last chance, our last hope, our last try. The time to test in July came and nothing, negative. Here I was all over again overwhelmed in heartache and sorrow. With an uncontrollable addiction to testing ( it's a little funny-pathetic I guess) that night I tested, just to test and wait???..... what was that? was that a line I saw? so faint. If I tell you that I screamed, cried, laughed like a crazy woman, would you believe me? I ran to my husband and urged him to look. He only said " well I think I see something but why is it so faint?. Oh well. I don't know how I slept that night but as soon as my alarm clock went off I jumped from my bed and ran to test! POSITIVE!!! It was July 22nd 2010. ( how could I ever forget the day). Suddenly overcome with fear of miscarrying again I called my Dr to set up an appointment immediately! Only 2 days later I was in her office and we discussed all the medicine I needed to help this baby STAY!!!!!!!

My Dr gave me progesterone supplements until 12 weeks and I was referred to a hematologist who prescribed me injectable blood thinners because of my blood clotting disorder. I was considered a high risk pregnancy patient and I was lucky enough to get more ultrasounds than regular women would. We saw a healthy little "bean" and 6, 7, and 9 weeks with a wonderful heartbeat. Music to our ears. Well the awaited 12 week mark came, we went to our wonderful Dr for a check up. she put a doppler to hear the heartbeat and it was silent. My heart stopped, my husband was wide-eyed. We couldn't believe after so much hard work that we would face the same heartbreaking luck all over again. My Dr did not give up, she was proactive and came out of her way to squeeze me in an imaging place to have an emergency ultrasound done. The moment the technician turned on that screen and I saw this beautiful bouncing baby, I just bawled my eyes out! My husband let out a huge sigh of relief when we saw the most active baby in the world!

( I'm already crying writing this) Our baby was healthy and growing wonderfully. I still to this day can't believe it FINALLY HAPPENED!!! I am now 17 weeks pregnant with a BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL! My little miracle! My family is now complete. I have 2 clomid miracles, my son and my daughter. She will make her debut in March 2011.

It was a hard 5 years, seeing months pass by and nothing but heartache and losses. I had 3 confirmed...

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