Photo added

well there isnt a way that I have found to add photos from shoots I have actually taken, but I have added one of them to my new profile picture for the cause if you would like to see more I will be making up a slide show to try and add in the video area.…Read More

Tuesdays shoot

I had a preemie shoot yesterday with the NICU I cant believe how many new babies are in the NICU since I was there last. I know 2 of the babies still in there and the rest I have never seen. I will be sharing a few photos if i can figure out on here of some…Read More

Thursday shoot.

Tomorrow I have yet another shoot up at the hospital with preemie babies. I am not exactly sure on the number this time. I have also received yet 2 more people ready to donate items! They are all in the process of specialy making these items. I too have…Read More
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