IVE aims at pulling the underprivileged, poor children from the twilight margins of the society and make them into viable and vibrant citizens.

The underprivileged children all over the world actually have no access to holistic education. IVE, in its 6 years long experience, has discovered that they have better survival tool. Since they are concerned and deal with the basics, so they are less complicated hence full of energy, with many possibilities. At IVE we KNOW that they are like the evercoming seawaves that have the power to erode the embankments or can be channelised to draw meaningful graffitti on the shores of life.
Poverty itself is an ENERGY which constantly believes in hope and prayer. What else this world needs but hope and prayer. With this mantra IVE is moving ahead, humanising their aggressive body language and their desires for the BASICS of life, which are more close to God and Nature...

1. Holistic Education

2. Better Communication Skills

3. Wellness of the being