To help Life in Abundance International make a quality documentary about street children in the slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Want to be in a movie?

OK, it is actually in the credits, but still... your name would be on the big screen!!

Let me share a vision.

The influence of film is undeniable. They are used to entertain, provide escape, share information and influence change. Film is increasingly becoming a major way, if not the major way, of telling stories as a society.

Films offer the potential for art to open up theological possibilities, often by dealing with hidden aspects of the human experience. Film provides an opportunity for their makers to explore the human condition with creativity, compassion and respect, offering profound depictions of the complexities through excellence in the craft of story telling. (Thank you WindRider Forum)

This year Slumdog Millionaire took the film industry by storm. Telling the story of a street kid's rise to fame through an Indian game show, Slumdog swept the Oscars. By showing the hope in the midst of despair, the life in the midst of struggle, Slumdog gave the world a chance to fall in love with the children of the slums Mumbai India. It allowed the world to see the triumph over circumstances by showing the power of the human spirit. (I keep no secrets about my love for this film.)

At LIA, we see these kinds of stories every day. We get to work directly with street children in East Africa. We see former street kids, many of whom were addicts, alone and hopeless, find a new way of life through LIA programs that offer training and support to help them get back on their feet and thrive. We know kids who now own their own businesses and are working to share their knowledge and experience with others. This story is repeated over and over in the slums of Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Kisumu, Jinja, and more. These stories need to be told.

It is because of this that LIA has chosen to try to share the LIA story in a new way. Thanks to the generous partnerships with MacDonald Photography and Rule29, we are going to be filming a short documentary focusing on LIA's work with street children in the slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

My lifelong friend, Rebecca Snavely, and I have been asked to be writers and directors for this documentary. We need your help to get this film made.

My goal is to get 500 of my Facebook, and other friends, to donate ten dollars each to help get this film made. (That’s less than half our friends on Facebook.) Each person who donates $20 will not only get their name in the credits, but will help spread awareness of the need to help street children and ultimately, raise funds for their rehabilitation. We have a crew of ten going and everyone has donated their time and equipment to make this happen. The cost is going to be incredibly low, but we still need to raise some funds to make it happen.

Our goal is to not only get this film in festivals across the country, but also take it on a tour to college campuses and churches. Each stop will be focused on raising awareness of the issues facing street children and provide opportunity for people to respond and be a part of making a change.

We need your help. We can not make this with out you. Please be a part of making this film happen and donating at least ten dollars to help raise awareness about the struggle of street kids in Africa.

(Our filming will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the end of May. Our goal is to begin early screenings of the film in the fall.)

1. The influence of film is undeniable

2. We see the stories of street kids who are changing their lives and want to share that with the world

3. We need your help to make that happen