21 Day Detox

I have been cleansing for a week now. My body feels so wonderful! Lots of energy! If anyone wants to join me, click on the link below. You only have one body. Take good care of it. http://www.newbodynutrition.com/documents/instruct.html

Developing Confidence at School

Yoga and ADHD


I would like to acknowledge the Lumen Group for donating our 501(3)(c) status. We can now officially accept donations on behalf of Drug Free with ADHD, Inc. At this time we can accept donations through paypal or you can mail a check or money order to: Drug…Read More

Health Symposium

Health Symposium What's present in the community is children are being over diagnosed with ADHD and given pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine to treat the symptoms. Children are dying everyday from cardiac arrest associated from using the ADHD meds. Also the…Read More

Living Drug Free With ADHD

Hello all! My son was diagnosed with severe ADHD at age 8. I'm a natural mom and was never in integrity about having him on medication. I also never liked how lethargic he would be on the meds, it really broke my heart. I created an alternative method of…Read More
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