Let the public know how far the police are going

On march 16th my 11 month old boxer was wrongfully shot by the Frankfort Police. And once questioned about the incident Officer Robert Hession told us that when he arrived at the scene, where my dog was barking at a person who was walking through the alley, that the dog was just sniffing around in the yard. Then when questioned a second time about what happened the story changed to where my dog was still barking at the man aggressively and was lunging toward him. And when called out on the lie he told us that we were liars. That is just like the Frankfort’s Finest to change their stories.
Since his story changed I decided to ask the woman who saw the whole thing and who called police for help . Once questioned about what REALLY happened she told us that my dog was sniffing around the yard and then barked at the car like all dogs do when police arrived. My dog then barked at the police car for a minute and then started walking around in the yard just going about his business not bothering anyone. The saddest thing about her story is that Officer Hession got out of the car and immediately fixed his shot gun upon my dog. The ladies exact words were “ I honestly think that he had full intention on shooting your dog when he got out of his car.” Granted my dog did hop and bark at the officer there was no reason for the Officers actions. Never once did he give my dog the chance to show that he was not an aggressive dog. And that he was just a pup that was trying to play.
Instead the Police insisted that he was a pit bull and shot him. Once my dog received the bullet to the chest he cried out and walked to the edge of the car where he sat down and then slowly laid on his side crying. His death was a slow one. It was painful and unnecessary. Which is sad and it broke many people’s hearts to see and hear him in the condition that he was in. No person or animal should have to die so painfully cruelly.
This is not the first time that Officer Hession has shot someone’s beloved animal. There are 7 or 8 cases of this Officer shooting first instead of taking appropriate action when it comes to domesticated animals. This issue needs to be resolved soon before someone else loses a beloved member of their family.

1. atleast half a dozen cases involving same officer

2. wrongful deaths to beloved family members