We should seek a comprehensive and environmentally sustainable energy plan that includes energy conservation.

Conservation organizations called on President-elect Obama and the 111th United States Congress to act quickly to set up a rational policy to protect our oceans, coasts--and planet--from the impacts of offshore oil and gas drilling. Specifically, in the first 100 days the new Administration and Congress should take the following essential steps to set America on course toward a new energy economy:

• Reinstate the moratoria on offshore drilling in U.S waters on the Outer Continental Shelf including sensitive ecosystems such as Bristol Bay, Alaska, while also providing for the National Academy of Sciences to assess current environmental baseline information and
the impacts of leasing, exploration and development on ocean ecosystems.

• Begin the development of a comprehensive conservation and energy plan for the Arctic that provides a bridge from oil to renewable energy and conservation. The plan should include a comprehensive scientific assessment of the health, biodiversity and functioning
of Arctic ecosystems, as well as the benefits and consequences of specific industrial activities. A precautionary, science-based approach must be applied to all oil and gas leasing, exploration and development activities in Arctic waters to determine if those activities should be conducted and if so, when, where and how.

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1. Even after lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling, the US would still need to import 40% of its daily oil consumption.

2. Increased spills and industrialization associated with drilling offshore will result in devastation.

3. Surfrider Foundation is opposed to any attempt to lift the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling.