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D's 21st birthday

Hey DGW Cause members,

Huge news. Darius is turning 21 on Sept 27th!

After spending nearly five years on the road raising money and awareness for his disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), it's safe to say that no one deserves a drink more than "Big D."

Darius doesn't want any alcohol on his 21st birthday, though. He doesn't drink. Instead, he wants to spend his special day helping scientists come up with a "cocktail" that will slow the progression of DMD, particularly in young men his age.

Darius and his crew have set a birthday goal. We hope to celebrate "999 bottles of DMD research on the wall" by September 27 (soon!). Just visit this website to buy him a drink.

Buy Darius A "Drink":

Money raised will benefit Pilot Trials Now (PTN), a research project that supports clinical trials for boys with DMD, using re-purposed FDA-approved drugs. We're excited about this project because if an ALREADY-approved drug proves effective for isses related to DMD (which they do), then the treatment can be almost immediately distributed. Basically, PTN stands to benefit DMD patients of all ages--even 21!

So, let's knock out these 999 bottles and toast to the hope of many, many, many more birthdays to come.


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