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Please vote for DGW!

Hey Cause Members,

Darius, John Madden, and the rest of the crew are super proud to announce that you were responsible for us placing in the American Giving Challenge! We finished in 12th out of thousands of causes, and we won $10,000 as a result. We are so proud to be a part of such an incredible community.

We're also excited to share another, and this time, much easier chance to help us win $25k for DMD.

It's simple. It's Free. It's an online vote.

To Vote:

1. Visit this site

2. Become a Fan

3. Click Vote

That's it! If everyone in our cause participates, we have a good feeling that we will place in the top 100 and win $25k for DMD!

thanks for voting, and for all that you do,

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