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 Group members,

As you hopefully know by now, DGW has entered the American Giving Challenge on Facebook.

How are we doing against OVER 5,000 wonderful causes?

1st place: Overseas China Education Foundation
2nd place: Save Chinese Children
3rd place: Ride 2 Recovery
18TH PLACE: Darius Goes West

18th place out of over 5,000!

We are pumped, but we need your help to stage a major RALLY!

We've asked John Madden to return to the mic one last time to inspire the GREATEST COMEBACK in giving contest history!

NEW John Madden/DGW Video Here:

If your hesitant to participate, please realize that DGW WILL be in 1st place if everyone in this Cause Group takes action by making a $10 donation right now.

We've come this far together, and only together can we comeback!

DMD is the #1 genetic killer of children in the world. The cause with the most $10 donations by Nov. 6th wins!

Start the comeback by making a personal $10 donation here:


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