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Last Day to Vote - Every free vote = $1 for DMD research

Hey DGW Cause members,

So, we aren't going to win this vote. We're probably going to finish in 9th, out of 500,000 causes, and you should all be VERY proud.

We know most of you have already voted, but we know many haven't. Why are we still asking for votes?

We have a matching grant from a family affected by DMD.

Every free vote = $1 donated DMD research.

There are 7,000+ cause members. If even 1,000 of you haven't voted, then we have an opportunity to raise $1,000 for DMD before the vote ends at midnight tonight. If each of you tells a friend we could raise $2,000.

If you haven't voted, please take a second and do so now here:

Please tell a friend how easy it was to raise $1 for DMD.

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for supporting this cause,


PS: yes, you have to fan the Chase application to vote. It sucks. But, it takes two seconds, it raises $1 for DMD, and as soon as you vote you can "unfan" if you want. Thanks again for voting!

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