AutCom works to further the civil and human rights, access to communication, and quality of life of autistic people.

AutCom was founded in 1990 to protect and advance the human rights and civil rights of all persons with autism spectrum conditions, and related differences of communication and behavior.
Home page: http://www.autcom.org

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2. AutCom supports development and access to quality choices for autistic people in the areas of housing, education, employment, and healthcare.

3. AutCom supports access by autistic people to reliable, trusted, & respected means of expressive communication, including necessary training & support.

4. AutCom opposes institutionalization and supports alternatives which maximize self-directed living in the community as consumer and citizen.

5. AutCom opposes the use of pain, humiliation, deprivation, and dangerous drugs as a means to alter and control individuals' behavior.