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Thank you to everyone

 I am so happy to see such a great response to this cause. Many have posted messages from the heart and allowed us to see things through their eyes. It take great courage and strength to do this. I am glad that the younger generation has shown they care by joining in the cause.
We can only heal by moving forward together as a community. Our community is not only friends and family but those who we come across on our journey through life. As we each meet new people in life we always take a piece of them with us and they take a piece of us with them. So the more we share the greater people we become. We were taught as young people to hide our feelings and not show how we feel. Well now is the time for us to smile at one another and start sharing because the stronger we become as individuals not to be placed back in line again and hidden from society.

If anyone has a message of encouragement please post them on our comments board or create a discussion on specific issues and we can see what we all have to share. So please don't feel shy to even ask questions of help finding lost family, because we are from everywhere and we never know till we ask.

So hope everyone has a nice day and hope to see more on the page.

Amelia Thompson
Cause Creator & Friend


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