New blog, new funding

There were a few contributions through our ChipIn to the film project, raising about $20. However, we also got an angel investor interested. So, "Destination Resorts in Orbit" (working title) is moving forward, it seems. If the economy doesn't crash in…Read More

Film project

The film project has picked up some donations. Thank you to each of our three donors. So far, $20 has been raised toward the $5000. I've also personally advanced the cause $600. If you are not eager to use our chip in on our Free webs page, please let me…Read More

New chip in working

Our new chip in for 11 at 40 is working. The site is and there is a donation link. So far, $5 toward the $5000 we need this month to keep the project alive. How does this film help you get to the Moon? Eleven at Forty is a…Read More


I wanted to thank all of you for joining our cause. Please invite all your friends. Meg McLain and I are working on a film project and a celebration of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. See our one page teaser…Read More

New project

Details here: and on and elsewhere. Next year, the interest in politics won't be as active. The election is going to be over, and most likely a new president is going to be inaugurated. My…Read More

Two things

Friends - we have a forum up for discussing the project. Message me or e-mail me for details. Funders - we have a corporate sponsor, LightSpeed Systems of Bellaire, Texas. Visit their site at and buy a computer or monitor.…Read More
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