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For those of you still with us. I am with you. 2013 and we are still here. Lots of opportunities lots of work to be done! Ho Ha!

I want to raise the bar.

Lawlessness is running wild and we need to restore order.
So how are we gonna do this?

The following way:
By restoring order in our hearts we will restore order around us. If lawlessness is at hand it indicates that hearts are lawless.

How to restore order to our hearts?
By connecting to God and His Word (the old and new testament for those still questioning) God is law, what God says is not separate from who He is, its part of Him. So its simple...

Step 1
Tomorrow when you wake up Turn 2 God (the Word) first.

Step 2
Turn 2 Your Family share with them what God said.

Step 3
Go out to work, make sure your car is road worthy, put on your seat belt and drive to work. Keep to the rule, no speeding, stop at robots(the orange light is STOP), stop at stop streets (dead still), don't lose your head remember, God spoke to you! and when God speak there is Life!

For now we will do only the 3 steps. Keep it easy keep it simple.

We must do this for three weeks!

Daily Updates will follow and encouragements will come.

Remember it is gonna be difficult and extremely hard, keep the faith, run the race.

Burt Smit :)


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