October update

 Hi all! We returned from MDA this past Saturday afternoon. Emily received a wonderful report. She has completed her hematologic & cytogenic phases of remission. The last "hump" is the molecular phase. It is the most sensitive test that can be run. We…Read More

July update

Hello cause members! (I tried to send an email out to everyone a couple of weeks ago and I don't think it went out. I'll try again) Emily and I returned from MDA this weekend with good news! Emily's medication seems to be working well. Her white counts were…Read More

Cinco de Mayo update

Hi Cause members, Emily has been responding VERY well to her chemo thus far (fingers crossed). She has had 3 blood tests in the last three weeks as well as an EKG and a chest x-ray. Chest x-ray was clear. EKG was regular. White blood count has gone from…Read More

Saturday 4/25/09

Hi cause members. Emily's treatment is going well so far. Her white blood count was down 20,000 (which is good), but it is still too high. So the chemo meds ARE working and she is being monitored weekly. However, Emily is not working right now due to severe…Read More

Mid-week update directly from MD Anderson

Hey all. I want to give a shout out from H-town. We just got back to the hotel from being at MD Anderson since 7:45 this morning. Emily had blood work, a doctor visit, an EKG and a visit with the research nurse. We finally decided on participating in a…Read More

Day 1 & 2 MD Anderson

Hi all... the last couple of days have been a roller coaster ride. We got to Houston yesterday evening around 6pm. Of COURSE we forgot the bag with bathroom accessories (makeup, prescriptions, hair dryer, straightener, shampoo, conditioner,etc.) So we made a…Read More

4/3 Weekly Update

Thank you all for supporting the cause! Emily and I truly appreciate all the heartfelt sentiment. We have over 300 members now who have pledged to support Emily in her CML battle. The big day is almost here. We are leaving for MD Anderson on Tuesday and will…Read More
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