Sailing the oceans of the world as our ancestors did thousands of years ago, our mission is to learn how to navigate - not only the seas, but life - to a more sustainable future.

For more than 30 years, voyagers aboard Hōkūle‘a – the iconic traditional Hawaiian open-ocean canoe – have combined the wisdom of their ancestors with modern insights to navigate a course for our future. Embracing the concept of Mālama Hawai‘i (caring for and protecting Hawai‘i), these explorers have reconnected to their heritage while helping to foster a community committed to peace, caring and a healthier world.

Now, Hōkūle‘a and her sister vessels will begin an eight year voyage to circumnavigate the globe to find answers, through exploration, on our journey toward a shared destination – a healthy and sustainable Earth for future generations. With Hōkūle‘a as a catalyst for global attention and local action, the worldwide voyage is a journey that will chart a new course for sustainability.

1. www.hokuleawwv.org

2. We are all crew on one canoe – Earth. As crew members, we all must take care of one another & our resources in order to survive.

3. By connecting & learning from people globally, we are helping to change mankind's course to a more sustainable path.