Raise awareness and money for the protection of rabbits

House Rabbit Society is a national, nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Richmond, California. Our mission has two parts:

* Through our fostering program, volunteers rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent adoptive homes for them.
* Through education, we seek to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits — and to improve bunnies' lives — by helping people better understand these often misunderstood companion animals.

1. House Rabbit Society does not support or align itself with any group or individual promoting rabbits as food animals.

2. House Rabbit Society does not support commercial or exploitative interests.

3. All House Rabbit Society publicity is to serve in the best interest of the animals and reinforce the image of rabbits as house pets. Promotion should focus more on the merits of the rabbits than on human personalities.

4. House Rabbit Society is dedicated to prolonging quality life for rabbits.