The last week before the big event!

This is the last week to send me your sponsorships as next Saturday is the event. Thank you to everyone who has sent a donation my bike will look so beautiful with all the sponsorship labels on it! Ill take pics and post and let you know the total WE raised…Read More

Sponsorships needed!

If you can please send a donation of any amount to sponsor my son Jonathan and I in memory of lilly this year! All money raised goes to the cause. Please help us to find a cure!

The event is back on for May the 15th 2010.

This event is back on for the original bate of May 15th. My son Jonathan will be riding with me in memory of Lilly this year. It sure will be different this year not feeling her body behind me as we ride and im sure many tears will fall but I know we must go…Read More

Event date changed

The date will be sometime in june as soon as I know ill cange the dates on the page and send out an update. I want to thank you for all the kind emails, support, and prayers for Lilly and our family during and after Lillys battle with cancer. Its hard to…Read More

Tomorrow Is the big day!!

Thanks to everyone for your support of my cause! If you live in the Richmond area please come out to the event tomorrow. The Motorcycles will leave around 10 am. for the ride last year we had over 100 bikers ride and raised over $16,000 dollars to go to the…Read More

Thank you all for your support!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your support of my cause. If you sent in a donation than I truley thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in these tough times. It is still not to late to send a donation out if you have ment to and…Read More

5th annual Share your green and hep pink find a cure!!

This event will take place on May 9th at The Sportsman Resturaunt to help raise money for the Massey Cancer Center. There will be Ribs and Chicken Platters on sale for $7.00. Bike and car wash for $5.00 11am- 4 pm for wash. Horseshoe tournament at 1pm. and a…Read More
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