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Stop Wolf Slaughter- Message from Earthjustice

A message from Earthjustice:

"On March 1, the state of Wyoming will open additional lands to unrestricted wolf killing—allowing more wolves to be shot on sight, gassed in their dens, and brutally trapped at a time when wolf populations are particularly vulnerable: denning season.

My team and I in Earthjustice's Northern Rockies Office are fighting back in court—as we have successfully done for decades—but this is not a battle that will end overnight, and we can't win without you.

Become a monthly donor today to help us protect wolves and other wildlife for the long-haul.

To help with long-term battles like wolf protection, a generous Earthjustice supporter is offering to match your first three monthly gifts $1-for-$1—up to a total of $50,000—if you become a monthly donor before March 15.

For years, Earthjustice has fought for wolves in court, and won. In fact, we've successfully shut down wolf hunts in the Northern Rockies twice. With your monthly gift today we will fight to do so once again.

Wolves are among our country's most iconic wild species, but centuries of trapping, hunting, and poisoning have decimated the population.

Our federal government spent decades and millions of dollars to return wolves to the West—but Wyoming's wolf-management law, combined with the delisting and hunting of wolves in Idaho and Montana, threatens wolf recovery.

Independent scientists say that 2,000 to 3,000 wolves are needed for a sustainable, fully recovered population in the Northern Rockies. But flawed policies are driving the region's wolf population well below that level.

We've already lost hundreds of wolves in the region in the last year alone—and now Wyoming hopes to take the killing even further by opening up additional lands to unrestricted hunting.

Your reliable, sustaining support will ensure that we have the resources necessary to help stop the slaughter in court—and to be there when the wolves and other wildlife face new threats.

And if you become a monthly donor today, your first three gifts will be matched.

Thank you for taking a stand to protect wolves and other threatened wildlife.


Tim Preso
Managing Attorney
Earthjustice, Northern Rockies Office"

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