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PAW is Back!! Got any ideas?


After 6 months of medical and personal absence (I've missed PAW every step of the way!). I can finally get this ball rolling again. There's a reason PAW has been here since 2007 and that's because even though I'm the only Admin working this cause, I will never give up. I will always fight for the wolves. So everyone, catch me up. Think there's any particular issue/s I should consider, actions, or maybe information that I should know? If you can think of anything comment here or send me an e-mail to [email protected]

Mean while... in what very little spare time I manage between work, a partner, and four kids; I will be catching up on the logistics of the wolves predicament in the US. I've kept up with news here and there, and I know it's not good. So we've got to gear up for a big fight ♥


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