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Wolf Activists Fighting To Save 700 Remaining Wolves in MI Because of Bogus Claims


Wolf activists across MI are fighting to save meager 700 wolves left in the wild because of people with comments like these:

""With wolf numbers far exceeding population goals, I continue to hear concerns of the impacts they are having on ...people's lives and businesses," Mr. Casperson recently told the Iron County Reporter, a publication in upper Michigan. "Residents across the Upper Peninsula have repeatedly asked for a game season to help control the wolf population, reduce livestock and pet depredation, and enhance public safety."

But we all know that to be pure and simple C.R.A.P. Here are some statistics I researched:

- MI is 97,720 miles BIG
- 700 wolves on that much land is NOTHING
- There are numerous articles on claims that wolves are "attacking people/pets/live stock" and despite the fame to criminalize these supposed events NO articles have popped up with *ANY proof for MI in 2012 [go ahead and look!]
- Last but not least check out the photo. Deer hunting is ON THE RISE in MI. And now MI just so happens to have an imaginary problem with one of the predators that feed on their "game"? NOT a coincidence! They are trying to artificially boost game populations so they can hunt more!

 For more info on the MI Wolf Plight Go Here: (

[thanks WOLF ARMY for the article!!]


*** PAW recognizes the very real fact that just because there aren't online articles about specific wolf attacks on pets/people/live stock in MI for 2012, that doesn't mean there actually weren't been any- no matter how small the numbers might have been. The message here is- if the wolves were such a huge problem everyone would be running to the nearest news station/anti-wolf group to shout from the tallest mountains about any attacks.


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