Veterans Arriving At Standing Rock

As tensions grow veterans are starting to arrive at Standing Rock. Over 2,000 veterans have vowed to serve as human shields in case police decide to violently attack Water Protectors again. Please consider donating 5$ or more to Standing Rock Medical…Read More

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Please like our facebook page and please consider inviting all of your friends to like it too! And dont forget about our gofundme that has raised over $5,600 because of wonderful people like YOU. Please share to…Read More

Emergency Update! Governor Tries to Force Out Water Protectors

North Dakota Governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation of Water Protectors. He also noted "Any action or inaction taken by any party which encourages persons to enter, reenter, or remain in the evacuation area will be subject to penalties as defined in law.…Read More

Please Help Standing Rocks Medical Fund

Please consider donating to the Standing Rock Medical Supplies fundraiser. The first shipment of supplies goes out next week. 900$ more is needed to send a second shipment. Please share if you cant donate and help keep our fundraiser…Read More

Thanksgiving Request for Standing Rock!!! Medical Supplies Needed! Will you celebrate Thanksgiving by donating 1$ or more to the Standing Rock Medical Supply fund? If you can't donate please share our link to help us keep the fundraiser trending! Currently Water…Read More

URGENT NEED For Medical Supplies At Standing Rock

Please visit this gofundme link and donate $1 or more to Standing Rock's urgent need for medical supplies. Check back frequently for updates and proof of where your donations are going! Please also share to help the fundraiser keep trending.…Read More
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