T&D’s exists because of poor choices made by humans. The bottom line is this... WILD ANIMALS DO NOT MAKE GOOD PETS! Please join in supporting this cause.

3 Ways to Make a Difference...
Fulfill a Wish: www.tdscats.com/wish_list.htm
Sponser an Animal: www.tdscats.com/sponsor.htm
Volunteer your Time: www.tdscats.com/volunteer.htm

1. T&D’s is dedicated to providing a permanent safe haven for abused, unwanted and mistreated exotic and wild animals

2. T&D’s DOES NOT condone the breeding of exotic and wild animals for the pet trade, private ownership or any exploitation

3. T&D’s strives to provide the animals with the best care possible including diet, shelter, vet care, mental stimulation & enrichment

4. T&D’s works to educate the public about its cause through media, exhibits and by opening the facility for tours May-Sept

5. T&D’s will assist local, state and federal agencies in any way possible in the interest of the welfare of other wild animals