Honest Pint Bill died today

Sadly, despite the bold leadership of Rep. Bailey and thoughtful testimony from Jeff Alworth and Christine Lewis, the Oregon Honest Pint Bill, HB 3122, died today in committee. Thanks to all of you who helped out this session. We'll be in touch about future…Read More

Hooray! Hearing scheduled on Honest Pint Bill May 28th

Thanks to anyone who contacted Senator Metsger in favor of House Bill 3122, Oregon's Honest Pint bill. It has been scheduled for a hearing and possible work session the last possible day in its committee: May 28th. The hearing (and we'll see if it actually…Read More

Make a quick phone call to help Oregon's Honest Pint bill

Here's the scoop from the capitol: The Honest Pint Bill, HB 3122, is sitting in the Senate Business and Transportation Committee, and may or may not get a hearing. So if you can take 30 seconds and call the chair of that committee and ask for a hearing,…Read More

Honest Pint bill passes Oregon House 34-26! On to the Senate.

This morning the Oregon House passed HB 3122, Oregon's Honest Pint bill, on a 34-26 vote! Send your thanks to Rep. Jules Bailey who carried the bill on the floor, and to Reps. Kahl and Clem who spoke in favor of it. The battle in the Senate is likely to be…Read More

Honest Pint hearing went well, but your voice would be helpful

This morning Rep. Jules Bailey and I testified in support of HB 3122, the Oregon Honest Pint Bill. We were the only two to testify. Rep. Bailey laid out the bill in a compelling way, explaining it was a voluntary certification and people deserve to get at…Read More

Honest Pint Bill hearing this Friday

Good news! This Friday, March 27, the Oregon House Business and Labor Committee is holding a hearing and possible work session on the honest pint bill (House Bill 3122)! Given that the bill is not likely to be controversial, and often bill hearings get…Read More
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