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Keeping our city clean is not about holding cleanliness drives or making a big deal about it. we need to change ourselves. we need civic sense. we r 12000 people in this cause, even if we do our part i would consider this cause as successful..

Keep our city clean

Hey good going guys we hav collected a good number of ppl for our cause.. Lets resolute that we will never litter and keep the city clean and green.. Any suggetsion in particular will be welcomed..

Thanks a Lot

Hey guys u ppl are a doin a wonderful job. The cause has really picked up and we are nearing the 2000 mark.. I am really happy that everyone is using this social websie to spread the message.. gud gud keep it up

hey wassup

hey good going guys reaching the 500 mark.. good good.. spread the awareness


Hey guys dont know whether u ppl are readin the papers or not but Mumbai has been rated the 7 Filthiest City in the world.... I think we should extend this cause much beyond facebook.. please come up with ideas and suggestions and post them here.. a simple…Read More

keep mumbai clean

hey guys the growth of this cause has hit a barrier.. pls invite your friends to join this social cause... together we can make a difference..


Hey guys goin we hav reached from 100 to 200 member in no time.. our next milestone is the 500 mark.. i have already spoken to some media ppl to get some coverage.. so keep mumbai clean !!!
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