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Newsletter May 2010

Dear Friends,

The winter months have been not only cold but also hectic and many people involved with The Ndiagamar School Project have been very active in Dakar, Turku and Brussels. The remaining refurbished computers were taken to the school already in December and the school building has now a separate working area with computers and a small library.

The joint projects with the Falcons in Turku and with Sirkkala School have resulted in a lot of exchange of letters, pictures, and even videos! Later on a photo exhibition will be organized in Sirkkala School and we will also put up an exhibition in Brussels on the photos that the school pupils have taken for this purpose.

Brussels Freecycle Forum has proven to be a very useful source in finding new/used material for the school library. Thank you to all those of you who donated children’s books of quality to the school via the forum!

Astrid, who is currently doing her traineeship at the school, has taken a lot of pictures during her stay – we have uploaded the latest of them on our website at The captions are unfortunately available only in Finnish still.

Jasmina will start as a new trainee at the school in May 13.

As far our newsletter in English is concerned, from here on we shall use Facebook as a forum to spread news about our activities.

Warm thanks again to each and every one of you - please do not forget to spread the word about our cause and how you and your friends can friend us up in Facebook. Together we can achieve great things!

Warm greetings!

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