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News in October 2009

Dear Friends,

Fresh news from the Ndiagamar School Project:

A new school year is about to begin despite the fact that over 60 Dakar schools are still flooded. Luckily this year the school building has been saved from serious damages, even if the main street in the school area is still under water. As a result of the floods, some of the families of the pupils are affected, and in the worst cases they have had to leave their homes permanently and move elsewhere because of the damages.

We are proud to share with you a much better piece of news: Four pupils – two girls and two boys – out of six candidates have past the national exams of the 6ème and will be able to continue their school work in upper grades. This is a fantastic result and we would like to congratulate the pupils and the teachers alike! Warm thanks also to all our supporters who from year to year believe that a project such as this can make a difference in children’s and young people’s lives!

In the beginning of 2010 the school will have a Finnish trainee who will work during four months as a volunteer and assist the school teachers in their work, and organize extra-curricular activities for the children. The traineeship is part of the trainee’s own university programme (French language) and is not remunerated. We hope that this experience develops into a continuous partnership between the school and volunteers who wish to contribute to the success of the school project.

If it has been a while since you donated to our cause, now is a good time to help. Please spread the word about our work to your friends or relatives and note that with as little as 15 euro (£14, $ 22) a school fee for one pupil for the entire school year is covered. More information on how you can donate:

Thank you for your support!

All good wishes,
Jarmo Pikkujamsa

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