Let's help Ndiagamar, a Senegalese school project, and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in the suburb of Diamaguène, Dakar, Senegal

In Senegal, despite a large overall increase in female net enrolment, disparities between boys and girls remain: about 40% of girls aged 7-12 years old lack access to basic education. This increases their vulnerability, resulting in a large number of young female housemaids, young unmarried mothers, exposure to health problems (particularly AIDS and STDs), underage girls in prisons, and street beggars. Girls who do enrol in school are likely to drop out because of the challenges the system faces.

Existing schools are in poor condition and lack water, latrines, sufficient classroom space, furniture, and teaching materials.

Many parents still believe that formal schools can have a negative impact on traditional values and children’s behaviour. Early marriage is common, as is teenage pregnancy, and girls often bear the brunt of excessive domestic workloads and child labour.

The Ndiagamar School Project is campaigning against the situation where schoolchildren are prematurely uprooted from school to work and beg on the streets.

Let's give our support to the volunteer teachers of the school and make a difference. More information on the project and how to get involved:


1. Access to education is a universal right